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What We Do

Cresta Capital assists entrepreneurs, business executives, professionals, and investors capitalize on attractive market opportunities. Our experienced team helps clients grow their businesses, increase revenue, and build asset value by offering customized specialty finance solutions.

Unlike traditional bank loans or equity investments, Cresta Capital has the flexibility – and the capital resources – to structure financial packages designed specifically for the needs of our clients. We bring our own entrepreneurial spirit, deep knowledge of the financial markets, and innovative thinking to every engagement.

For more than a decade, our creative approach to building value has helped our clients find financial success.

We invite you to contact our team to discuss how Cresta Capital can help you achieve your goals.

How We Do It


We partner with founders, family shareholders and corporate owners to build value.

360 Approach

In addition to the business, our team looks through to the stakeholders, building a foundation for success.

Creative Structuring

Our resources go beyond traditional private equity resources, providing strategic solutions on both the capital & legal aspects of the business.

Why We Do It


For many companies, the extent of an investment vehicle’s involvement is limited to providing capital. At Cresta Capital, we work together with our entrepreneurs to offer an end-to-end solution, including tax and estate planning, legal structuring, creative financing, and boots-on-the-ground support.

Why We Do It


We created Cresta Capital on tried and true experience from building businesses ourselves. Fund management is simply a byproduct of our successful business ventures. We’ve been in your shoes many times over and know what it takes to prevail. We seek out opportunities similar to our own, years ago—and help fast-track them to success.

Why We Do It


At Cresta Capital, we look for people we know will be successful no matter what; we merely open the HOV lane for them. Our principals are from very corporate legal and financial backgrounds. As entrepreneurs, they then built their businesses and now assist other business owners in crafting their success—professionally and personally.

Who We Help

Small to Medium-Size Businesses

These present an underserved market where we believe some of the best ideas reside.


We understand the business is often the “brainchild” of an individual. We want to ensure goals and directives are aligned with that individual.

Owners and Operators

As business owners and operators, we understand your highs and lows. We simply want to expedite your success.

Cresta Capital

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